England players are crooked too

The chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board Ijaz Butt has claimed that players in the England one-day international side deliberately threw the third international last Friday.

Butt said in a television interview that ‘there is loud and clear talk in the bookies circle that some English players were paid enormous amounts of money to lose the match. No wonder there was a total collapse of the English side.’ However, when pressed to prove the allegations, Butt offered only indignation at the treatment of his countrymen, and threats to uncover a ‘conspiracy to defraud Pakistan’.

‘Did you ask the other people who made allegations against our players whether they had proof?’ he asked, when prompted to provide proof. ‘What did they say? We have thought about this properly and we have positive proofs here before us just like they say they have also.

‘This is not a conspiracy to defraud bookmakers, it is a conspiracy to defraud Pakistan and Pakistan cricket.

‘We have taken it in hand to start our own investigations. We will shortly reveal the names of the people, the parties and the bodies involved in this sinister conspiracy and we also reserve the right to sue them for damages. We won the match and we are under suspicion. England lost, their players should be investigated. You don't lose a match if you are doing fixing. We have co-operated so far with all this investigation but after the third ODI we get this feeling it is not a conspiracy to defraud bookies but to defraud Pakistan cricket.’

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