England pipped in Twenty20 final

The England women’s cricket team fell at the final hurdle in the World Twenty20 final. Facing an Australia team that they had beaten easily in the group stages, England gave their most uncertain performance of the tournament and lost by four runs.

Australia were the holders, but England were the hot favourites to lift the trophy. The damage was done when England fielded. The bowling was erratic and the fielding a little slipshod. Australia batted aggressively and confidently, amassing a total of 143.

Charlotte Edwards and England’s batting star Sarah Taylor were always chasing the run rate and their eagerness to score counted against them when both fell early in the innings. Captain Edwards thought England seemed to be suffering from nerves.

"We are bitterly disappointed," she said, "but the Aussies deserved their victory. They were better than us on the day. There were a lot of nerves out there, but I did not pick up on that before the game."

Edwards admitted that England had started the match shakily. "This was a final," she said, "and maybe the pressure did tell in the end. We were under par with the ball. The first six overs of their innings was the difference and that lack of discipline up front cost us."

Australia played to their strengths. Captain Jodie Fields said: "England played a really good match, but we had the belief in our team. It was just an all-round performance. We always had the belief. Just to be standing here is awesome. All the hard work has been worth it."

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