England not afraid of playing at home, says James Milner

Relations between England fans and the team haven't exactly been great, ever since the debacle of the 2010 World Cup. The national team have been booed off the pitch several times after matches at Wembley, after a series of sub-standard performances (France at home being one of them).

However the side have been pretty good away from home in this period, suggesting that our national team prefer to play away from the humpy, expectant fans that come to watch England play at Wembley. And with the team set to line up in Montenegro tomorrow evening, that would be a good thing, as they need only a point to qualify for Euro 2012. However James Milner says that it is a false impression.

'We've had some good performances at Wembley as well so it's not a mental thing.' he insisted. 'We need to make sure next time that we put on a performance at Wembley and put this sort of talk to bed.

'We don't prefer to play away. It shouldn't make any difference on the pitch (but) it might help us on Friday if they have to come out and attack to win the game because that will open things up for us and we'll be able to use the gaps. They have to win the game and that will help us. It makes it difficult when teams come to Wembley with 11 men behind the ball. We have to learn to break those teams down.'

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