England friendly called off in face of rioting

The rioting and looting that kicked off all over London – and subsequently other cities – has destroyed livelihoods, caused millions of pounds worth of damage, and possibly caused a huge schism between those who were the victims of the looting and those who were doing it. The working classes, divided and conquered. However there's an even bigger victim in all of this – football fans. Oh, the humanity!

Yes, poor old England fans are going to have to go without tonight's friendly with The Netherlands, after police and the FA decided that to hold the match would put a stretch on police resources, and would risk the safety of spectators and of the rest of the city. It's a shockingly sensible decision from the authorities, really – how on earth did that happen?

'We have received clear advice that, due to sporadic and the widespread nature of the unrest, there are significant concerns in relation to emergency service resources to safely police this fixture and about the protection of players from both sides,' said the FA chairman, David Bernstein. 'With that in mind, the authorities advised us that, under the terms of our safety certificate, we would be unable to host the fixture or guarantee the safety of supporters or the teams. For these reasons, the game cannot go ahead.'

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