Where are the best places to get England vs France tickets for the football

If you are excited about catching an England game in the near future then why not look into getting tickets for the much anticipated clash between England and France? You may think these tickets will be hard to get, but in this blog we are going to show you where you can find England vs France tickets for the football without it costing you a fortune.

The England team have always been a hot tickets wherever they play in the UK, and with the Euro 2012 Championships coming up, there is sure to be huge demand for England tickets for all of their upcoming games. Your first stop if you are looking to pick up some of these tickets is the official FA ticketing site at ticketing.thefa.com/. Here you will find all the latest news on release dates for tickets, and also the ability to buy tickets for the cheapest price possible.

The other main site you will need to be checking for England tickets is the official Ticketmaster UK site at www.ticketmaster.co.uk. Ticketmaster receive a large allocation for every single England game at Wembley, and their allocation goes on general sale to the public, meaning you won't have to be part of any clubs or have a loyalty card to pick one up. It is often the last place to sell out of England tickets too, so it is well worth bookmarking.

A final site that is well worth a look is the Live Football Tickets site at www.livefootballtickets.com. This is a ticket reselling site, meaning you will be buying a ticket that another person is trying to sell. However, this doesn't mean you will get ripped off as prices are often quite low on this site.

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