England football – 1966 was a blip

Coming from an Irishman it’s hard to take. Coming from Liam Brady, one of the most graceful midfield craftsmen of any generation, now one of the game’s most intelligent observers, it’s likely to be irrefutable.

England expects too much of its national football team because we were never that good.

In a telling piece in his Guardian blog, Brady (one of Arsenal’s best players, ever), lays bare the facts behind our team and world football. It makes painful, surprising reading. And dispels the myth that the explosion of foreign imports is to blame.

In short, it’s plain that we think we’re a lot better than we actually are, and not qualifying for Euro 2008 is many-over-par for the course.

World War II propaganda made most English schoolboys of a certain age believe Britain won the war despite the late uncalled for intervention of trigger-happy Yanks. And so our hubris has duped us into thinking we are a football super-power. And we’re not.

Any suggestions for holidays next summer, other than Austria and Switzerland?

(Image: from .imelda's flickr stream)

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