England fans feel the pain

The emotional rollercoaster of the England footie fan swooped to a new low last night with defeat at the hands of Russia.

Gerrard missed a sitter, Rooney conceded a pen that may have been outside the box, and both goalie and defence may feel they could have done better with the second goal.

But there’s no point dwelling on the If onlys. All England fans can hope for now is a favour from Israel or, rather more implausibly, Andorra. Plus a result against group leaders Croatia.

So England could be out of Euro 2008, and the way things are going, there may no home nations there at all. Wales and the Irelands are out, and Scotland’s defeat at the hands of Georgia means they now need to beat Italy in their final game. Still, at least their destiny is in their hands.

Now England fans have two options: send gifts and cards to Tel Aviv, or start cheering on the Scots.

(Image: from YouTube

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