England disaster: a fun new theory

Some blame Capello's fondness for 4-4-2; others the altitude, the long premiership season, or players' spoilt, big-money lifestyles. There are as many theories about England's appaling underperformance at the World Cup as there are England fans.

But the Daily Mail has just offered an exciting new theory. The paper reckons our boys might have crashed out because Wayne Rooney shaved his chest.

'As he trudged off the field after swapping shirts at Bloemfontein yesterday following the 4-1 annihilation by Germany that ended England's interest in the finals, he showed a chest devoid of hair,' the paper notes. 'But did this flirtation with personal grooming account for his loss of powers, just as it did to the once superhuman Samson?'

It's a fun theory, but it does have a central flaw. Frank Lampard could have turned the tide of the match (oh alright, made the defeat less embarassing at least) if his goal had been allowed. But, as the Mail itself points out, he shaves not only his chest but his armpits - and god knows what else - as well.

Looks like Capello will have to do more than insititute a waxing ban to keep his job.

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