England beat the United States 2-0 at Wembley

England beat the United States 2-0 at Wembley last night thanks to goals from John Terry and Steven Gerrard. While arguably it was England's best performance since Fabio Capello took over the manager's job, the game was as dull as dishwater and England were poor against a limited opposition.

Steven Gerrard was the night's stand out player. The Liverpool captain played well on the left side of midfield and clinically took his goal. But last night illustrated again that Gerrard and Lampard into the same midfield just don't, go with the Chelsea midfielder largely anonymous in his central role.

The other England player who gave a good showing was David Beckham. His delivery from dead ball situations can still change games as he illustrated with the pinpoint freekick which set up John Terry's first half goal. Terry's goal seemed to have exorcised a few of his Moscow demons with the England captain visibly moved after scoring.

England head to the Caribbean this morning ahead of the friendly against Trinidad and Tobago on June 1. But the tabloids are already starting to question Capello's tactics still convinced that the England team is punching below its weight. Last night's game should've served as yet another wake up call for anyone blind to England's limitations.

England 2 USA 0

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