England beat India by a whole innings

So it's official: England are now the number one Test team in the world, after giving India yet another fearful battering, this one the worst yet, winning the third Test at Edgbaston by a whole innings and 242 runs. Yes, two-hundred and forty two runs.

If England were truly a civilised place the team would be arrested for affray, such was the level of destruction inflicted on a poor India side, which stood there like a branch of Curry's, reading to to be smashed and looted, and set on fire. After declaring at a massive score of 710, England dismantled their opponent's batting with a terrifying display of bowling, although it must be said that it did look somewhat like India had given up on the match at an early stage.

Still, cricket fans, think about what has happened over the last couple of weeks, and what could be to come, should England build on this. Think about the years of rubbish we had to put up with, and the constant humiliations at the hands of the Aussies – then think about what this team could do in the future. It's enough to make a very big smile appear, is it not?

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