England are 'flawed'

Slaven Bilic has tried to put the boot into England in the run up to his Croatia team’s clash with them at Wembley on Wednesday, calling them a ‘flawed’ side and that they are missing something that his team can exploit, despite being depleted by an injury to playmaker Luka Modric.

The news that England are flawed and missing something won’t exactly come as news to any England fan, who could probably list a world-class goalkeeper, a good left winger, a cohesive midfield and a striker who isn’t crocked or just a big lump among a few things that they’d like to see.

‘They are a very different team,’ the Croatia coach said. ‘They have some advantages but they are also missing something from their game. They are missing some Englishness, some of the things that have always made England teams difficult to defend against and play against.

‘All I will say is that they are definitely missing something and we know what it is. But of course I am not going to tell you now what it is. It is our secret.’ Chances are they alreay know what it is.

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