Eduardo's dive ban overturned

Uefa have overturned Eduardo’s two-match ban for diving, in a move that will only make everyone raise their eyebrows a bit and tut loudly. The decision has cleared the Croatia centre-forward to play in Arsenal’s opening Champions League group game at Standard Liege tomorrow night.

‘I certainly feel relieved now,’ Eduardo said. ‘Now I just want to forget about this and think about our match against Standard Liège. Now we have a final result, I can now look forward to helping the team on Wednesday night.’

But instead of leaving it at that, Eduardo tried to justify what happened, and with predictably laughable consequences he spoke about running at full speed and feeling contact. Hmmm.

‘All I remember of the incident is that as soon as I had possession of the ball I headed towards goal at full speed. I was very close to the Celtic keeper and felt contact on my foot and then lost my balance.

‘I know perhaps more than anyone else that when you have contact at speed it can be dangerous. I just want to say that I'm a fair player. I'm very pleased that we have finally arrived at the truth. This decision makes me feel a lot better.’ No doubt it does, but lets have another look at it, shall we?

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