Eduardo forgives Taylor

Saturday's Premiership fixtures were overshadowed by the horrific injury to Arsenal's Eduardo. The story has been given equal column inches in the tabloids and broadsheets alike.

The player has refused to blame Birmingham's Matthew Taylor for the horrific leg break he suffered in Saturday's 2-2 draw. Speaking on www.arsenal.com, the Brazilian born Croatian international said that "these things happen in football."

Eduardo is out for the rest of the season and will miss Euro 2008. Talking about the injury he said, "I don't remember the incident very well and it is not something that I want to see again on television or in the newspapers." No such luck there I'm afraid. "All I remember is that when I fell, I looked down at my foot and it had turned the other way. The rest is just a blank."

The Beeb chose not to replay the incident on MOTD. Instead they chose to show the horror stricken faces of Eduardo's team mates. It looked as if Fabregas was about to lose his lunch when he saw the injury, and it is not difficult to see why. We've checked it out. It's not viewing for the fainthearted (see below).

Accident or not, the injury was unfortunate for a an exciting player, who was establishing himself in the Arsenal team following his summer move from Dinamo Zagreb.

But Eduardo is already thinking about his return to football: "My concentration and determination is on making as quick a recovery as possible. I am determined to overcome this injury."

The Eduardo incident

Birmingham 2 Arsenal 2

Photo from PL Hee's flickr stream

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