Where to Find a Free And Simple Each Way Odds Calculator

If you're into horses, chances are you've either heard of each way bets, or perhaps even tried it for yourself. Using an each way odds calculator is the fastest way to work it out, but it can be done manually. An each way bet is a bet that can be used in any sport as long as there are more than two competitors. What it means in laymen's terms is that you're really placing two bets in one.  Half your stake goes towards a win, and the other half goes towards your pick placing, or coming in either second, third or fourth place.  Your bet for the win gets the full odds, and if your pick places you get 1/4 of the odds for the win.

Working it out manually can be a real headache, especially if you're new to the idea of each way bets. The good news is that betcalc.com has now made it easier than ever to work out your online odds and bets than ever before. If you visit http://www.betcalc.com/eachwaycalc.php,you'll see that the calculator is incredibly easy to use, and by just entering your stake, the odds, the E/W odds and the result of the game it will quickly show you how much you've won or lost.

This site really takes the guessing out of betting online, and whether you're still learning the ropes or you're a pro that just needs a little help, you're sure to find what you're looking for.  If you use online betting sites regularly then this is a site you should add to your favorites, just in case!

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