Dwain in?

Once you’ve done your time, aren’t you supposed to be rehabilitated? Sprinter Dwain Chambers got caught cheating – by taking illegal drugs – he got banned for two years and now he’s back competing.

Problem is – he’s now a bit good and pushing for a place in the team for the World Championships in March. Okay, he hasn’t been tested as regularly as he should have been. But he’s clean now and in amazing form. He beat all-comers yesterday to “qualify” for the team. So what’s the problem?

Athletics Weekly – the sport’s voice in print, supposedly – called for Chambers to be booed at yesterday’s event. He was roundly cheered all through the meeting. So the public have forgiven him.

Given the dearth of athletics talent in Team UK at the moment, surely a rehabilitated, clean, in-form Chambers is better than nothing.

(Image: from jimmyharris’s flickr stream)

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