Dull sports round-up

All sports are so much more fun to take part in than they are to watch. Aren’t they?

Some sports, no matter how much you enjoy participating in them, can be too dull to watch, even for a sports nut. A triathlon, for instance, is one of the true tests of an athlete’s skill, resolve, stamina and speed. But, by golly, even the Hollyoaks omnibus seems a mighty attractive alternative to watching the Byfleet and Weybridge Iron Man on SkySports 4 on a Sunday morning.

Rowing is another sport that demands a huge amount of dedication, expertise and brute power. But its showpiece event in the UK – the Boat Race – is only ever exciting to watch when either Oxford or Cambridge sinks. Which is hardly ever. Even Tony Gubba, consummate professional that he is, can’t muster a huge amount of excitement commentating on how “close the two boats are getting” as they go under another bridge. Poor old Tony.

Snooker. Three-day eventing. Fencing. Ten-pin bowling (if you don’t think it’s a sport, watch King Pin). Horse racing. None of these sports – unless something outlandish happens – delivers real excitement to the spectator. Do they?

(Image: from filiru2pny’s flickr stream)

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