Dubai or not to buy

Dubai Investment Capital (DCI) has offered Liverpool’s American owners £400 million for the club. Led by Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid al-Maktoum of the Dubai royal family, DCI (the investment arm of Dubai) wants an answer quickly, apparently.

Having found the £400 million down the back of the country’s sofa – while trying to find its remote control – the Sheikh wants to get on with taking over the club. Otherwise he’ll use the money for something else. Maybe he’ll buy Liverpool (the city) instead?

But the Sheikh could be disappointed. Current owners Tom Hicks and Wilkinson Sword (sorry, George Gillett) are currently not on the best of terms. So dealing with them could be tricky. Tom Hicks is raising the cash to buy out razor-sharp businessman Gillett. But George is having none of it, apparently. Watch this space for developments…

(Image: from tao zhyn’s Flickr stream)

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