Drunken high jumper faces ban

Poor old Russian high jumper Ivan Ukhov is facing a one-year ban from athletics after taking part in the Lausanne grand prix drunk. The 22-year-old is reported to turned to the bottle to drown his sorrows after fighting with his girlfriend.

The Russian athletics federation looks like it will ban Ukhov for a year stating that he brought shame on the name of the Russian track and field team. The high jumper's manager has admitted that his client was drunk, but is arguing that a year long ban would ruin Ukhov's fledgling career.

It's clear from video footage that Ukhov had had a skinful before the high jump. He was later asked to pull out of the event by the organisers after failing to clear the opening height. But a year long ban would be harsh punishment for a moment of weakness by a young athlete.

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