Drugs scandal in golf

At a players’ briefing yesterday – the original purpose of which is unclear – several European Tour golfers kicked up a stink about drugs. It turns out the brouhaha was unnecessary but the story’s still funny.

You see, several players complained when it became (wrongly) apparent to them that players on the US tour are allowed to take several Viagra-type drugs. European Tour players (they wrongly pointed out) are only permitted to take one remedy for penile-dysfunction. The players who raised the concerns stressed they had no concerns about getting a rise.

They just thought it unfair the US Tour players had a choice of drugs while they only had one.

Turns out it says on some website somewhere that European Tour players have the same choices as US Tour players. Paul Casey and Ian Poulter were quick to reassure journalists that they were merely enquiring about the perceived injustice but had no need for the drugs themselves. Which is, of course, exactly how we interpreted their remonstrations. Ahem…

(Image: from felixe’s flickr stream)

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