'Drowning in chip fat'

We all know that the Scots basically live on a diet of alcohol and deep fried narcotics; that’s why they’re all so crazy and mad and that. However in the past that never stopped them from producing some of Britain’s best sportsmen/women, but now, Scotland’s rugby and football teams are nowhere near the quality of the Auld Enemy’s.

Now Andy Murray’s mother Judy, herself a tennis coach, is suggesting that more emphasis on exercise in schools, making PE lessons take four hours in a week, and helping children with their diets.

‘Only 33% of young people eat fruit and vegetables daily,’ Murray said. ‘Combine that with the alarming drop-out rate by youths from sport and it is clear that urgent remedial action is required if Scotland's aspirations – on and off the sports field – are not to drown in a diet of chip fat served up with an unhealthy dollop of youth and parental indifference to exercise.

‘While political parties announce health care reforms, free prescription charges etc, surely many health problems could be avoided if we maximised our efforts to encourage a healthier nation – and stopped finding excuses.’

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