Drogba fancies return to Chelsea - with Mourinho

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Didier Drogba obviously wasn't paying attention when Rafael Benitez said what a great season Chelsea were having. The Ivory Coast striker has suggested that thev club could get back on track by reuniting Jose Mourinho and a certain Didier Drogba.

Drogba seemed to have left Chelsea on an unsurpassable high after his goals won the Champions League final for them last May. Subsequent spells in China and Turkey haven't worked out too well for him though. There was talk of a return in January, but now Drogba is hinting heavily that he would relish coming back to Stamford Bridge. “For this club I gave everything and of course they gave it back to me. I feel at home when I go to London". He wrapped up the hints in a recommendation for the reappointment of Mourinho.

Drogba leads the Galatasaray attack against Real Madrid, managed by Mourinho, in the Champions League quarter-final and made it clear he still admires the Special One. “I think for the club it is the best solution to bring José back," he said. "The fans want him back. He loves Chelsea. Because you want to rebuild a team and to give them the strength we had a few years ago, he could be the right person. He is a winner and is close to the players. He went to Inter and is at Real Madrid but is still talking about Chelsea, so he loves this club.”

In talking about Mourinho, Drogba sounded like he was talking equally about himself. "I don't think he has got over Chelsea and they haven't got over him. When he came he brought success; we won league titles back-to-back with some great football and the only thing he didn't win was the Champions League. Maybe that is one of the reasons why he might want to come back. It is unfinished business."

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