Drogba: Chelsea need to improve performance levels

Didier Drogba has warned his Chelsea team-mates that they need to improve their performance levels if they want to retain the Premier League title.

Carlo Ancelotti’s team dropped to second place in the league for the first time this season following their 1-1 draw with Newcastle United on Saturday.

Chelsea looked set to steamroll their way to the Premier League title at the start of the season, but have picked up just four points from a possible fifteen over the last month.

Speaking to the BBC, Drogba said: ‘That's normal, that's football. We had these moments last year and it is up to us to change things, to get back to scoring goals and not concede.’

‘We had so many clean sheets for a certain time, but now we are conceding in every game, so that's something we have to change if we want to go back to the top of the league.’

Chelsea had lost the previous three league matches to Liverpool, Sunderland and Birmingham respectively and it was Salomon Kalou’s equaliser which saved the Blues from their fourth consecutive defeat.

‘Once again, we created a lot of chances and could have scored maybe another goal,’ Drogba told the Beeb. ‘But the problem is we conceded a goal very early in the game and we had to chase, and when you have to chase, you create more space and you create more fatigue as well, so it is difficult to convert the opportunities you have.’

The Ivory Coast international continued: ‘You expect Chelsea to win every game and people are maybe surprised. But that means we are one of the best in the league, so that's why the expectation is high. It's a responsibility we have to take and we are trying to do that.’

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