Double derby weekend

Great football leagues have great derbies – they are one of football’s most emotive and compelling idiosyncrasies. No other sport can claim the melodrama, history, passion – and, sadly, naked aggression – that comes with each meeting of Man U and Liverpool, Inter and AC Milan, or Al-Ahly and Zamalek (don’t ask us, we found it on Wikipedia).

So Sunday is a must-watch between the two giants of the northwest, Liverpool and Manchester United. It’s got more passion than an Electric Blue movie, more history than Burton and Taylor, and more naked aggression than an AGM of the Women’s Institute.

And to give your anticipation an edge, there’s another big derby on Saturday, too, to whet your appetite. Sheffield United play host to arch rivals Barnsley in The Championship. Mouth-watering or what?

Oh, and the blue team from west London play the red team from north London on Sunday.

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