Don’t talk and drive

Police have launched an investigation into photos of Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson allegedly talking on his mobile phone on a busy motorway. The presenter could face hefty fines and six points on his licence. But this story hasn’t exactly worked as a cautionary tale to other chatty celebrities.

This time, footballers Ashley Cole and Frank Lampard, were not only pictured driving while on the phone, but they also neglected to put on their seatbelts – another big driving no-no. Whether or not they too will go under investigation is unknown, but Ashley had better keep his fingers crossed. A brush with the law could land him right back in the doghouse with wife, Cheryl.

Word of advice to celebrities: invest in a hands-free kit for your phone. Or if you can’t give up on that illegal in-car chatter – at least wait until you pass that troop of paparazzi...

(Image: from Mike “Dakinewavamon” Kline’s Flickr stream)

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