Don't punish Pakistan fans

Anyone who likes to bury their heads in a nice, juicy red top scandal of a weekend can’t have failed to have noticed that the Pakistan cricket team have been engulfed in the sort of match fixing scandal that makes you question the very nature of the sport, and just how crooked the whole game is.

As you can imagine, Pakistan has gone a bit mad about the blatant corruption its top sports stars have been indulging in (even if 20 million of them are probably more concerned about finding a home right now), and have sent a delegation to England to investigate the alleged wrong-doing. Meanwhile, calls for the team to be banned from international competition are growing, with lonely opposition from Imran Khan, who suggested that it shouldn’t be the Pakistani fans who suffer for the terrible behaviour of their team’s players.

‘If these allegations are true then there should be exemplary punishment,’ he said to BBC World Service. ‘Why should Pakistan cricket suffer if some players have indulged in a crime? Why should Pakistani supporters suffer because of that? The people who are found guilty should be removed from the team and replaced and should be punished as an example for future generations to realise that crime does not pay.

‘It's a very depressing day for Pakistan cricket but I still want to wait until the whole story unfolds until we know whether the allegations are correct.’

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