Don't panic

England’s recent one-day international displays haven’t exactly made for great viewing: beaten 6-1 by Australia in a post-Ashes who-gives-a-monkey’s haze, and a lethargic performance against Canada, things don’t bode well for the Cricket World Cup, which kicks off tomorrow in Bangladesh.

However, opening bat Kevin Pietersen has said that the poor display against the Canadians, in which he only hit 24, can be attributed to the contrast in paces between the pitches in Western Australia and Bangladesh, with the World Cup pitches some of the slowest in the world.

‘We were just trying to get used to conditions,’ he said. ‘We've come from three months in Australia in totally different conditions, different wickets, different outfields. We only got off an aeroplane, after how many miles of travelling, two days ago.

‘We've just come from Western Australia, Perth – the fastest wicket in the world – to one of the slowest wickets you'll play an international fixture on. So it's nice to get accustomed to conditions when it doesn't matter. We're going to find ourselves on different wickets and different situations. I hope we'll find ourselves on wickets that are quicker than this.’

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