Doh! Chinese Olympic rower turns up to wrong event

The life of an Olympic hopeful is a hard one. You spend four years training - turning down invitations to parties, getting up at the crack of dawn to hit the gym, getting shouted at by your trainer and generally living a life of quiet dedication, while your friends are off drinking, smoking and playing around. But surely it's worth it. The chance is there for the ultimate glory - getting presented that gold medal while billions look on.

Well, that is if you remember to turn up.

Chinese Olympic rower Zhang Liang turned up for his double sculls heat brimming with confidence. Unfortunately the race had finished ten minutes before. "I wrongly remembered my time as that of the third group, but actually it was the second group," Zhang explained, sounding a little downcast. And no wonder - not only was he disqualified from that event, he was also removed from the final of the double sculls in a decision that seems a little unfair on his partner Su Hui, who, we assume, will be having a quiet word with Zhang later.

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