Dodge Ball lives

When Ben Stiller made Dodgeball – a very, very funny spoof movie about the sport – we genuinely thought it was a made-up game. Just shows what we know.

Tuning into CBNX-ESPN channel 279 +1 a few nights ago, we stumbled across televised dodgeball for real. And you know what? It was actually quite exciting to watch. Real athletes hurled the ball at each other with such vigour that there was a fair amount of risk and endeavour involved in playing – and staying injury-free.

The amazing thing was, the teams were professional. They got paid for playing the world’s craziest game.

We saw Kingpin the other night too – another very funny film with Woody Harrelson playing a pro Ten Pin bowler. Can you imagine? Next you’ll be telling us people actually earn a living from skittles.

(Image: from davidschubert11’s Flickr stream)

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