Djokovic beats Federer in London final

Novak Djokovic won the ATP World Tour Finals at the 02 Arena with a straight sets win over Roger Federer. The match was far from straightforward though, with the world number one having to come back from a break down in both sets against the world number two. He dedicated his victory to his father, who has been ill recently.

Federer continues to rage against the dying of the light and only recently surrendered the number one ranking to Djokovic. His form in defeating Andy Murray in the semi-final showed he would be no pushover. Djokovic has fighting qualities of his own though. Even when Federer threatened to extend his lead, Djokovic resisted.

The final showcased the best tennis of a tournament that has been lacklustre on occasions. The confrontation was a fitting end to a year in which the top four of Federer, Djokovic, Murray and Rafael Nadal have fought out some compelling matches, with relatively little separating them.

"I couldn't have played much better but it doesn't matter; you still have to get over the line," Federer said afterwards. "He was the better man today. Even in defence, he stays on the offensive and that is what separates him from the rest."

Djokovic ends the year on top, and much of that is down to pure resilience. Djokovic said that he knew he would have to cope with what he described as Federer’s "aggressivity". "I've experienced it before, really trying to make his mark on the match," Djokovic said. "I tried to convince myself that I will turn it around and fight. It happened again. I managed to deliver my best when I needed it most. Whenever I needed to come up with some really good shots - really focus myself and get every ball back in the court - I did that, so I cannot be more thrilled than now."

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