Disney Derby takeover bid?

Where to begin? First the facts, well rumours: the Disney family may be tabling a bid for Derby County Football Club .You could say it’s a Mickey Mouse bid, but that would simply be a cheap gag. And we’re not going to go there.

If the deal goes through, though, Derby will be top of the league in terms of mascots, surely. And, with all that money, their first signing is likely to be Shrek, sorry Wayne Rooney, no?

For Billy Davies, the beleaguered but affable Derby manager, the deal can’t come quick enough. He says he needs to buy six players in the January transfer window. To stay up, we suggest: Ronaldinho, Fabregas, Ashton, Vidic, Cech and Gerrard. That should see you safe, Billy.

(Image: from Joe Shlabotnik’s flickr stream)

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