Get on the fairways at a fair price at the Discount Golf Store

Always wanted to pursue your love of golf, but been deterred by your partner's insistence that it costs too much? With municipal course green fees and the price list from the Discount Golf Store, you may be able to persuade them to indulge your hobby. You can get out there playing rather than sitting at home waiting for the Ryder Cup to start on TV.

The Discount Golf Store (discountgolfstore.co.uk) offers substantial savings on every item of golf equipment, from clubs to bags, shoes to balls. Every UK order over £100 receives free delivery.

Start off with a golf bag. A Wilson Staff Feather Pro 2011 is a super light bag with 3 full-length dividers, 5 storage pockets, including a large clothing compartment, a lightweight integrated stand and a hip pad for added comfort. They are just £69.99, a 30% saving on the normal price.

Looking for drivers? The Cleveland Launcher DST Driver is the lightest driver on the PGA Tour. This allows greater clubhead speed for an extra 3-10 yards off the tee. Weight is removed from the face and repositioned low and deep in the clubhead. The lower centre of gravity helps you hit straighter drives. In theory. The price of £99.99 amounts to a 57% saving on the recommended price.

A full set of irons can be picked up for just £249, better than half price. The Wilson Staff Di9 have a great feel, and a straighter and longer performance. Clubs have a bigger sweet spot for forgiving chipping and approach shots. The set comprises a 4 iron through to a sand wedge.

Once you've filled your bag from the Discount Golf Store, you may want to check the list of the UK's best municipal courses at ukgolfguide.com, so you can get on the course for reasonable green fees.

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