Where to buy discount golf equipment?

Let's face it. Golf can get pretty expensive. To play the game, you have to buy a putter, a set of irons and a set of woods. And don't forget, you need a bag too. And you should also probably buy some golf balls, since you can't play if you having nothing to hit. And for those who don't have callous hands, you will need a glove. All these expenses can add up to well over a thousand pounds. This does not even figure in the green fees for every time you play!

So you may be wondering. Where can I get discount golf equipment? Lucky for you there are an abundance of stores both local and online that sell used golf clubs and second hand discount golf equipment. Some will even accept trades as well.

So let's learn where to buy discount golf equipment and how to avoid spending exuberant amounts of money on high-priced golf stuff. Have a look at some good places to go.

Golf Bidder: Golf Bidder is one of the UK's largest online stores for the buying, selling and exchanging of golf clubs and equipment. Discount golf equipment can be bought or even bid for at this sight; you can also trade old clubs in for discounts on new clubs. You can find name brand golf equipment like Taylor Made, Ping and others for cheap at this site. (golfbidder.co.uk).

Direct Golf: This golf warehouse specialises in the sale of discount golf equipment. Because the company focuses on making its profits off of a high volume of sales, prices of clubs, bags and balls are cheaper here. The company has an online warehouse as well as many retail outlets located throughout the UK. Simply search on the site to find the Direct Golf closest to you. (direct-golf.co.uk).

Planet Golf: Planet Golf is one of the leading online golf sites in the UK and in Europe. This place has a huge selection of brand name golf equipment. The website is very user friendly and easy to navigate. (planetgolfuk.co.uk).

Check Amazon and Ebay for discount golf supplies as well. Remember that doing price comparisons across a number of sites will help you find the lowest price on a product.


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