So, that didn’t exactly go to plan, did it? After all the hype bout England winning an Ashes series Down Under against a weakened Australia side, England contrive to have a disaster of a first day, getting bowled all out for only 260.

The day hinged on the amazing hat-trick from Peter Siddle, who celebrated his 26th birthday in style; taking 6 wickets for only 54 runs. England were looking fairly comfortable at 197-4 when Siddle struck. Three balls later they were 197-7 and fighting for their innings. Now England will have to face the Aussies on a batters pitch, hoping to keep them within reach for the second innings.

‘It's obviously good to wake up to your birthday in the morning and obviously to have that happen has been amazing, and hopefully the start of a good Ashes for us,’ said Siddle. ‘The plan was pretty similar all day, to pitch it up, make them play, be patient and consistent with those lines.

‘I got Cook and Prior with two balls like that and I think the third was a bit of adrenaline from the crowd, I bowled it fast. It didn't really come off as the ball I wanted but I got him so there's nothing more I could ask for.’

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