Buy the Dirty Fiend Mountain Bike Online

The dirty fiend mountain bike seems to be popular with biking fanatics who enjoy off-road biking or mountain biking.  There are a few reasons why this bike is special, and the sturdy but lightweight aluminium frame is the least of them.  It also features heavy duty SRSuntour forks, has 21 gears with EZ-fire controls,  as well as breaks on the back and front.  The Tioga psycho II tyres give great traction on almost any terrain.

bikes2udirect.com currently stocks this bike, and it sells here for only £209.99, and delivery within the UK will only cost you £9.99! This means you have two more reasons to take your bike shopping online.

Amazon.co.uk also stocked the dirty fiend mountain bike, but it's currently out of stock. The bike sold there for £278.99, so again it's easy to see how shopping around can save you both time and money.

If you're in the market for a dirty fiend mountain bike you may want to consider upgrading, and in that case the dirty hustler may be a good choice. This bike also features a strong but lightweight aliminium frame,Suntour suspension forks, front and rear brakes, and Tioga phsycho II tyres.The real difference is the 24 speed gears system which also uses the EZ-Fire controls.

It's easy to see how online shoppers are spoilt for choice. Getting the bike you want is not only easier but affordable too!  Head on over and check out the huge range at bikes2udirect.com to get yours.

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