Ding Gong

A top week of pant-bulgingly exciting snooker from the UK Championships ended last night with an appropriately explosive session of table-top ball manipulation between a fiery, experienced Scot and a young up-and-comer from China, who goes by the name Ding Junhui and who was more than willing to share with the world that he’s got huge cojones, and he knows what to do with them.

John Higgins felt the warm blast of heat that emanated from Ding’s smooth screw, and fell at the final hurdle a crumpled, sweating wreck, tossed aside after being put on the receiving end of hot shot after hot shot. In English, this means that Ding beat John Higgins 10-8, repeating his success 2005 success in the same tournament.

‘It's been a crazy week,’ said Chinese champ. ‘I can't believe it. It's brilliant. I am concentrating more. I had some bad shot selections but I was telling myself not to be angry.’

‘It was such a tough match,’ said Higgins. ‘Ding's safety play was great - I was trying to keep him safe - every time I was putting him in trouble, he was putting me in trouble. Well done to him.’

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