Dimitar Berbat-off’s big sulk

What is it with footballers and moods? Last season Dimitar Berbatov – “the Bulgarian Hammer”, for those who share our enthusiasm for footballers’ nicknames – couldn’t miss. His scintillating performances attracted attention from all over the world, not least from The Big Red One (aka Alex Ferguson). He was a genuine breath of Bulgarian air in an otherwise turgid league that garners so few good games, and is so four-sided that the annual relegation dogfight is now more gripping than the four-horse canter to the title.

But now he’s become the Premiership’s Incredible Sulk. In last night’s win against Hapoel Tel Aviv he behaved like a spoiled little kid. While mere mortals would give up just about anything to be a professional footballer with half his talent and a tenth of his money, he gets in a strop because of… well, goodness knows what. Maybe his life is in the toilet right now. Who knows? But when you’re paid to entertain, the show must go on, darling…

Pull your socks up, Berb… Just don’t start scoring when you play the mighty Hammers.

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