Didier Drogba recovers from nightmare clash

Chelsea continued their average start to the season yesterday, beating Norwich City 3-1 in a somewhat unconvincing display. It wasn't until new signings Lukaku and Juan Mata come on that their was any life in the team's performance, the latter scoring the Blue's third goal to seal the three points.

However the most memorable thing from the game had little to do with the result, and everything to do with the clash between Didier Drogba and Norwich's goalkeeper John Ruddy. The Chelsea striker challenged for a high ball in the second half, and the onrushing Ruddy smacked him straight on the jaw, knocking him spark out and leaving him needing emergency treatment on the pitch. Thankfully he apperas to have recovered, and was released from hospital this morning.

'Didier is showing signs of recovery,' said Chelsea boss Villas-Boas after the match. 'He lost consciousness completely on the pitch and I have to be very, very grateful to my players, the Norwich players and the medical staff for reacting so quickly to a potentially dangerous situation.

'Happily they arrived on time to bring Didier back to consciousness. We're awaiting the full exams on his concussions but hopefully nothing is wrong.'

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