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  • Baby come back

    Baby come back

    Jose Mourinho says he wants to return to England and manage some team or other

  • Damp squib

    Damp squib

    No interesting draws for the English sides left in the Europa League

  • He's back

    He's back

    Chelsea draw Jose's Internazionale in the Champions league

  • Fergie’s 999

    Fergie’s 999

    Alex Ferguson reaches league milestone and crowns it off with 3-0 win over Wolves

  • We're rubbish

    We're rubbish

    Michael Ballack doesn't think much of Germany's World Cup chances

  • Look out World, here I come!

    Look out World, here I come!

    Ding Junhui says that he's up for adding the World Championship to his collection

  • Ding Gong

    Ding Gong

    Ding Junhui wins the UK Championship, thrilling snooker fans everywhere

  • End of the road

    End of the road

    Dean Ashton announces his retirement from football

  • Cheetah Woods

    Cheetah Woods

    Tiger Woods dropped by Gatorade sponsor after floozy accusations

  • We're a bit down

    We're a bit down

    Rafa worries about morale for Liverpool's Arsenal clash after their defeat to Fiorentina

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