Hit The Slopes With The Latest Decathlon Ski Wear

Decathlon is a sporting goods store located throughout the United Kingdom. This particular online store retails brand name sports wear. Decathlon specializes in sports gear which includes sports such as rugby, fishing, cycling, walking and track & field. Decathlon ski wear can also be found under some of the major sports brands sold on the site.

Decathlon Sports Gear

In terms of sports gear, the online store caters to a variety of sports activities. Land and water sports gear are also available on the site. Winter sports wear such as Decathlon ski wear can be purchased as well. Brands such as Quechua sell items such as ski trousers, ski shirts, ski poles, and gloves. Quechua is a well known brand and sells products for those who enjoy the outdoors.

Bionnassay 500 Jacket

In terms of Decathlon ski wear, Quechua's Bionnassay 500 jacket can be purchased in the online store. The jacket comes in a variety of sizes such as small, medium and large. Additional features include waterproofing, stretch fabric and have mesh pockets for breathability. The jacket is made using 100% polyester and is ideal for mountaineering and skiing. The Bionnassay 500 was made specifically for ski enthusiasts and can be purchased for £99.99.

Capcir 100 Trousers

For £34.99, customers can purchase Quechua ski trousers at Decathlon retail outlets. The Capcir 100 trousers share the same features as the Bionnassay jacket. They include mesh pockets for breathability and a wide shoulder area to allow freedom of movement. The trousers also have additional positive aspects such as wind proofing fabric and thermal insulation.

Capcir 100 Gloves

Capcir 100 gloves can be purchased in the Decathlon store for £14.99. The gloves are also ideal for skiing. These gloves were made to be lightweight and flexible. They are perfect for gripping onto ski poles, while maintaining warmth and insulation.






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