Head to Debenhams for men's ski wear

The snootier ski crowd might insist on buying all their ski wear from expensive designer outlets, but if all you are interested in is heading downhill in comfort, then the High Street can kit you out perfectly adequately. Debenhams ski wear range is a great starting place for the basics to keep you snug on the pistes and looking sharp.

Start off with a ski jacket. Debenhams have an extensive range, with popular brand names including Quiksilver, Columbia, O'Neill and Helly Hansen. Prices normally start off around £80, but if you manage to catch the summer sale you can find bargains for under £60.

Debenhams stock 8 kinds of ski trousers and under-trousers for extra warmth out on the slopes. There's a variety of colours and brands with prices starting at £85. Check the materials and linings to make sure you have the right type for your skiing trip.

Lightweight fleeces are an ideal top layer to keep out the chill on the mountains. Debenham's stock 4 varieties, with the Columbia kalmath half-zip fleece on offer at a bargain price of just £12.50.

It's even possible to pick up your ski accessories from the Debenhams range. Gloves and beanie hats are available in familiar brands like Adidas and Quiksilver. Prices start at just £8 for a pair of Adidas black performance essentials ski gloves.

If there isn't a convenient branch near you, order online at www.debenhams.com, and your choice of Debenhams ski wear will be delivered within a couple of days. The store is even on Twitter (@Debenhams) if you need further information.

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