Dean Ashton drops a dress size for McLaren

With absolutely every other English striker either crocked or dropped, Dean Ashton looks set to appear upfront for England in the coming Euro 2008 qualifiers against Russia and Estonia. And to prove he’s not just ‘some big, slow target man’ (Ashton’s words, not ours) Dean has dropped a dress size (well, alright then, shirt size) to show off his Adonis-like physique. He feels he’s been unfairly criticised in the past for carrying too much weight and wants to show how fit he is. Bless.

With Defoe and Crouch not able to get a game for their clubs, Andy Johnson not able to hit a barn door with a six-string banjo just now, Emile Heskey out with a broken foot, Michael Owen side-lined with groin, stomach and earlobe problems, and Darren Bent nowhere near as good as his price tag suggests – McLaren says Ashton has ‘forced his way in’. Eh?

Still, Ashton is an exceptionally talented footballer and, alongside Wayne Rooney who looked last night to be well on the road back to form, he could create a new potent strike force. Which, of course, would make us feel over the moon.

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