David Villa signs for Barca

As was strongly rumoured yesterday, David Villa is going to join Barcelona from Valencia, with Barca shelling out €40million (£34million) to take Spain’s number one striker to the Catalan giants. The deal should work out well for both clubs, with Valencia receiving a huge wodge of cash to help service their massive debts, and Barca getting their hands on a striker who fill the hole left by Samuel Eto’o.

The signing is bad news for both Thierry Henry and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, however, who will most likely find themselves out of the door at the first available bid. Ibrahimovic in particular has had an incredibly disappointing season, especially given that he was signed for a huge fee from Inter, with potential treble-winner Eto’o going in the other direction in exchange.

‘We have sold David Villa to Barcelona for €40million,’Said Valencia president Manuel Llorente at a news conference at the Mestalla. ‘As everyone knows we could have done this deal last year but we thought at that moment it was best to keep our squad together to try and get into the Champions League.

‘We have achieved that aim and finished third in the league, and he has contributed a lot towards this. We think it is a good sale and necessary for the economic situation of the club.’

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