David is nervous

The war of words between David Haye and Audley Harrison has been kicked up a notch. In an interview with The Guardian, Harrison sees, to relish patronising his former friend, saying that he will inflict a beating on Haye that will be full of ‘love and compassion’. That’s sure to fire Haye up some.

Where the 39-year-old gets this confidence no-one knows. In the decade since winning Olympic gold he has done basically nothing in boxing, whereas his former protégé has won the WBA Heavyweight title and build a serious reputation for himself. This apparently doesn’t concern Harrison.

‘David is very nervous,’ said Harrison. ‘When David was 18 he worshipped me and so he knows I'm the master. And the more this promotion goes on the clearer it becomes. David Haye is the champion but this has become the Audley Harrison Show.

‘I'm buoyant, excited, motivated, determined and ready to do what I was born to do. These are the moments where I wake up, where I stand up. Other people crumble under this pressure. But I'm totally cool, calm and collected because this is where I thrive. Ten years ago I proved it at the Olympics and I've gone back to that place. I'm Mr Cool Calm and Collected again.’ All shall be revealed at the MEN Arena in Manchester come 13 November.

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