David Beckham's unfeasibly large package poster

Is that a sock down your pants or are you just pleased to see me? That was the question yesterday as an enormous billboard of David Beckham in his pants was unveiled in San Francisco.

Modelling for Armani, Becks turned a simple pair of skimpy Italian stallion pants into a sight to behold, as a building sized billboard was unveiled paying tribute to his outrageously horny manhood. Hoardes of female fans turned up to welcome the massive Becks to the wall of Macy's San Francisco and, as David sat quietly underneath, girl fans 'oohed' then gasped, then screamed. And then some more. 'It was bigger than Beatlemania' said a Sun Source. Bigger being the optimum word.

The pictures of Dave's package Dave were taken on Malibu beach and will feature on www.emporioarmani.com from June 23rd and in next month's Vanity Fair. The sexualisation of the male body has begun!

Check out the moment the curtain went down. Total Beckstasy.

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