David Beckham : to start own water brand

He's already put his name to Sharpie marker pens. And Armani pants. And Pepsi. Well now David Beckham is putting his name to another popular product.

One that's free, but much more trendy and 'healthy' when you needlessly pay good money for it. It's tasteless, yet when packaged right, 'delicious', and half the world are dying from lack of it. Guessed what it is yet? That's right. Water!

Becks is in talks with Pepsi to start his own line of water, a product he thinks will slot perfectly into 'brand Beckham'. Becks wants to stick to the healthy sportsman routine (because that's where the real cash lies) and is wangling a deal with Pepsico to develop the idea. Pepsi know Becks is their golden goose (he's represented the drink for over 10 years,) and as such will likely stump up whatever he asks. Nice work if you can get it.

Check out Dave plugging Sharpie pens. So is that what he had down his Armani pants?!

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