David Beckham 'lined up for Barnes rap'

Former New Order bassist Peter Hook revealed that David Beckham had been brought on as a late sub for John Barnes to re-record his famous rap in World in Motion for the last World Cup, clearly the best football song that’s ever been put onto wax.

Why on earth they would try to top perfection is unknown, but it would obviously have been better than the lame duck Ant and Dec effort that dribbled out of FA headquarters. Shameful.

‘I think for the last World Cup, Tony Wilson lined up Beckham to do the rap and we were going to redo the song,' said Hook to Talksport. 'But The FA then reconsidered it, saying, “No, no, no, we're going with Ant and Dec”.

‘I would have thought that was a hell of a chance. I would have loved to have heard Beckham do a rap and he was up for it.’ Never mind that, watch the original and see if it doesn’t get the hairs on your neck standing up. That includes you too, Celts.

Look at Gazza! And Barnsey! And those shorts! Some thighs on display, eh ladies?

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