David Beckham does Sesame Street

A heavily bearded Becks took a telly trip down memory lane recently when he filmed an episode of Sesame Street. Just like us, David loved the show when he was a tinker and liked nothing better than settling down in his jim jams with a glass of warm milk and a biscuit to watch it.

Dave was chuffed to high heaven to appear alongside the Cookie Monster, Ernie and Big Bird and all the lovable Street beasts - not least because a stint on the popular show is a foolproof way of winning hearts and minds in the States. As James Blunt can attest to.

So did Becks sing a nice song, or show off some fancy footwork to Elmo? Not quite - he introduced kiddly wunks to the word 'persistence' and explained why for him, it's his favouritist persistentistly bestest word ever.

Well done Dave. Now have a singalong to some vintage Sesame Street.

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