Darren Clarke wants more majot titles

Darren Clarke has said that he doesn't want his Open triumph to be the only major title he wins in his career, despite being 42 years old and approaching the end of his career.

The Northern Irishman one his first major yesterday, scooping up the claret jug after an inspirational weekend's golf. The victory delighted many in the game, who have seen Clarke go through the death of his wife with dignity, and now he wants to add a few more to his tally, and put himself among the greats of the game.

'I want more. I don't want to just rest on one,' said Clarke. 'I had quite a few pints and quite a few glasses of red wine and it all continued until about 30 minutes ago.

'I've looked at the trophy all night and sort of semi figured out it's mine. I probably won't get any sleep until tomorrow at some stage. (You) have to enjoy it when you can. It's been a very good night.

'I have 294 (text) messages and the writing is far too small for me to look at them in this state, so I may look at them tomorrow at some stage and figure them out.'

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