Daley's medal hopes take a dive

Britain’s Olympics teenage poster boy Tom Daley needs to sort out his diving in the next 5 months or he might as well just belly-flop into the Olympic pool in August.

Daley and his partner Peter Waterfield finished a dismal seventh in the FINA World Cup in the Olympic Aquatics Centre. The event was regarded as a tryout for the Olympics, and the British pair obviously have plenty of work to do.

The performance will place extra pressure on Daley who has been accused of devoting too much time to developing his media profile at the expense of his training. Alexei Evangulov, British Swimming’s performace director, had suggested that Daley was getting distracted from his diving, and claimed that Daley’s Chinese rivals were working much harder. Yuan Cao and Yanquan Zhang won the FINA event.

Daley dismissed that analysis. "Alexei had an interview and that was it," he said. "He knows the amount of training that I'm doing and he knows I'm doing as much as I can. I'm pushing myself as hard as I can go without my body breaking."

Daley used an injured thumb as an explanation for limiting his training. That doesn’t quite excuse the embarrassing music video on YouTube of Daley and his Olympic teammates lipsynching to LMFAO’s Sexy And I Know It. "You are all going to love it, be prepared for a lot of skin," Daley told his fans.

It would be even more embarrassing if that video was all that Daley had to show from the biggest Olympics year in his lifetime.

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