Daley's first dive after Dad's death

Tom Daley could only manage to snatch second place on his return to the 10 metre platform competition following the death of his father.

The world champion was beaten into second by Peter Waterfield, who defended his British Gas National Championship title with a lead of 59.45 points.

Daley was leading at the half way point, but after missing his fourth and fifth dives he was lucky to edge out third placed Max Brick.

'The preparation for this meet hasn't been the best,' Daley said. 'It's hard to get into the same mentality at a National Championships as when I'm away. When you're at an international competition there's a huge atmosphere, excitement and pressure and that's great. I'm slightly disappointed but there are lots of positives to take away from today. I had a good prelim and some steady dives so I'll take that with me.

'Dad would have wanted me to be here and compete and I'm pleased that I have done this competition.'

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